Jobseekers – get help finding a job!

Individual Placement and Support is appropriate for you when you want to work but need support finding a suitable job. You are eligible for the service regardless of your current means of income. You are welcome even if you have been outside the labour market for a long time. We will focus on your wishes and strengths.

If interested please contact us or your caregiver at HUS Psychiatry to hear more about our target group.

When commencing the service you will be assigned a personal IPS Employment Specialist. Together you will look for jobs corresponding to your needs, goals and interests on the regular labour market.

The support is individualized and focuses on providing a positive experience at work. Your IPS Employment Specialist can support you in all stages of the process. There is no time limit, your IPS Employment Specialist supports you as long as you need.

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You decide, your IPS Employment Specialist supports

All information needed to commence your IPS journey into employment will be available for you. You and your IPS Employment Specialist will agree on an action plan to find a job for you.
After successfully finding you a job, the IPS Employment Specialist will be there to support you throughout your working and daily life. You decide on the level of support needed.

There is a suitable and interesting job for everyone

The first thing you and your IPS Employment Specialist will do is to talk about what you can and want to do. Based on this you will start to look for a job. To help you succeed and maintain your new job, your IPS Employment Specialist can collaborate with you and your new employer.

A meaningful and suitable job supports your health and well-being

The benefits of having a job:

  • Improved social networks
  • Use of your competence and strengths
  • New experiences and motivating challenges
  • Meaningful daily activities
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased self esteem
  • Promotes rehabilitation

Benefits counselling is included

Your IPS Employment Specialist can provide support in all important questions.

Together you can book an appointment with a benefits counsellor (KELA) in order to plan how to advance when starting a job you also get appropriately paid for.

Working is beneficial!

  • Getting a regular salary stabilizes your economy
  • A salary will increase your future retirement-pension

You have the right to a job you like and get paid for.

A meaningful job improves your social networks and gives you new and interesting daily activities.