Employers – find a motivated and skilled co-worker!

Every year mental illness causes significant amounts of long sick-leaves and sickness-pension in Finland. Even though most people with serious mental illness want to work only a few get the opportunity. This should not be the case! Mental illness is not an obstacle especially not when an IPS Employment Specialist supports the person concerned.

IPS coaching is mainly done at the actual place of work. Research shows that the place and train model used in IPS is more efficient than traditional vocational rehabilitation. In IPS the target is rapid job seeking and support sustaining a paid job instead of first assessing and training in sheltered environments before actual placement.

Provide the opportunity for a suitable employment!

Many capable and highly educated people are retired due to mental ill health. With the help of an IPS Employment Specialist, your company or organization can find a competent and motivated employee suitable for the task at hand.

The IPS Employment Specialist matches the needs of the employer with a job-seeker that has the required qualifications and motivation. The Specialist is not only aware of the resources and qualifications of the client but will also familiarize themselves with the needs of your company and the requirements of the trade.

The newly employed is supported to succeed in their new tasks. A meaningful and well-suited job supports health and well-being which in turn supports rehabilitation and enables development in one’s working life.

A First Contact

Our IPS Employment Specialists are interested in getting to know your company and recruitment needs. They want to know about your demands and needs, to be able to recommend a motivated and skilled person that will be suitable for your business.

Want to learn more? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Find a skilled co-worker who really wants to work

An IPS Employment Specialist makes multiple visits to a company or organization before making recruitment suggestions. The IPS Employment Specialist will make a suggestion only when there is an appropriate matching between the job and the jobseeker.

The IPS Employment Specialist knows the clients well and knows therefore what competence and which strengths to recommend. The jobseeking process is based on the person’s interests, which means that they will really want to work.

The goal is to find a perfect match between the employer’s needs and the jobseeker’s preferences and skills.

Adapting a job

There is support available also for the employer. The IPS Employment Specialist helps the employer in planning for a suitable job and adapting it to the jobseeker’s needs and qualities.

Adapting a job can mean for example by changing the way the work is done, adapting the working environment, adapting working hours or agreeing on special introduction or mentoring.

Introducing a new co-worker

The IPS Employment Specialist knows both the client’s and the employer’s needs well. Both parties can thus be supported when the new co-worker starts and needs introduction to the new job.

Ongoing support

IPS is time unlimited. The Employment Specialist provides follow up for as long as it is needed. Counselling can include both support at work and in daily life.

Diversity is beneficial

Teams consisting of persons having different backgrounds and experiences are creative and innovative! Diverse teams will see new solutions, new and potential customer groups and will also seek solutions outside traditional boundaries. That is why diversity is not only a value, it is the way for a company to support well-being and promote innovation, sustainability and development.

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The other diversity dividend

Work is typically an important part of adult life in our society. It can be a significant part of rehabilitation and also a crucial component of participation. By offering a job you also offer equality and participation in society.