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Excellent results from IPS job coaching

The regional IPS pilot of HUS Psychiatry and Uusimaa TE Office launched job coaching for 150 customers in the first nine months, and 50 out of them have so far been employed.

First and foremost, the results of the regional pilot and the experiences gained so far show that the introduction of the IPS operating model faces us all with change.

Through their willingness to partner with the project, HUS Psychiatry and Uusimaa TE office have expressed their interest in creating new employment opportunities. The challenges of the current employment support system include inadequate and incorrectly allocated support as well as the fragmentation of information. In order to find employment, a person suffering from a mental health disorder needs extensive support. An IPS employment specialist has access to a large network, the likes of which have never seen before, as Kirsi noted in her blog. Tailoring a suitable package requires coordination and cooperation. In the final analysis, finding employment for an applicant is the result of the entire network’s shared efforts. In this work, everyone must pull together, employment specialists Susanne and Liisa stress in their blog. In this blog, the IPS team leaders reflect on how the IPS employment specialists’ work could be understood in a broader sense in an organisation and how they could be integrated into multiprofessional teams.

The results obtained so far suggest that the IPS operating model is effective. The IPS employment specialists are the missing link between psychiatric rehabilitation and employment services that has now been put in place. They match the employee’s motivation and skills with the employer’s needs. During the pilot project, we noticed that many employers are prepared to employ a person supported by an IPS employment specialist. Above all, however, the results indicate that there is an enormous number of people who wish to and are able to work but who need and expect the right type of support. You can read more about this topic in Hanna’s blog.

We must make sure that these people have an equal opportunity to access the labour market.

Applicants can be directed to the IPS project’s job coaching through the Psychosis Outpatient Clinics of HUS Psychiatry. Job coaching will be provided by a designated employment specialist from HUS Psychiatry or Uusimaa TE Office.

We would like to thank all our partners for helping to make this project a success!

In 2022, our key theme will be stepping up cooperation with outpatient clinics.

Together we can bring about a change!