A meaningful job!
Find work and get support through Individual Placement and Support!


Individual Placement and Support (IPS) offers highly individualized support to find a regular job. Internationally IPS has established its position as an evidence-based model of supported employment for people with serious mental illness. The goal is to find a regular job in the community according to the client’s preferences.

HUS Psychiatry and Uusimaa TE- office (the employment services) are currently collaborating on a regional try-out in Uusimaa, aimed at implementing the IPS-model as a part of psychiatric specialized medical care and services promoting employment. Read more here.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) coordinates regional try-outs as a part of the overarching IPS – Individual Placement and Support project. Read more about the project at THL homepage. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is financing the regional trials as a part of the National Mental Health Strategy.


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Work is a part of recovery

Work improves quality of life and reduces the need of mental health services. Work can be an essential part of recovery for people suffering from mental illness. Work is fundamental for equality and participation in society.

Finding a job does more than improve the individual’s economic situation. More people working promotes the sustainable economic growth of the society as a whole.